Boeing by Carrera

About Carrera and Boeing

Carrera was created in 1965 by a sports eyewear producer, Wilhem Anger. Of Austrian descent (Cekc origins), he wanted to design a new line of sports glasses. He was inspired by the legendary famous car race, "Carrera Panamerica". In the 50s, the race from North to South America was considered the longest, most dangerous and fastest in the world. It was begun to celebrate the Panamaerican highway. 

In 1965, he applied for a patent on a material called 'optyl', a very hard plastic, but 20% lighter compared to acetate and other thermoplastic materials. The new material reduced allergies and had a slight adaptive molding ability to the face of the wearer. In addition, it was more affordable to produce. Innovative to say the least. 



Carrera History

The history of Carrera is characterized by innovation. In 1970 they began producing sportswear, being the first to make the interchangeable lenses in 1974. That same year, they changed the name to Carrera International, with its headquarters in Traum, Austria. In 1979, due to a collaboration with car designer Ferdinand Alexander Porche, the project 'Carerra Porche' was born. A line of folding glasses that marked the history of Carrera. 

By 1981, Carrera expanded, selling worldwide. Optical eyewear frames came into manufacture, which included the elegant Carerra Porche designs. In 1986, the Boeing and Sunjet lines were produced. The brand enjoyed great success, and sponsored many sports events like the American Cup in 1987, and the Winter Olympics in 1988. Even Gerhard Berger, the formula 1 champion, won the championship wearing Carrera. Impressive. 

In 1996, the Safilo group acquired Carrera, transferring the company headquarters to Padua, and the production to China. During this time, the famous double-lens, a long lasting sealed ring against fog, was created. 

Since then, the Carrera brand, whether Porche, Boeing or others, have been worn by countless celebrities and sports stars. They have also featured in films, music videos, and at major celebrity events. 




Carrera Boeing Series

Despite some modern lines being less popular, their hallmark products from the 70s and 80s are still as popular and in demand as ever. The brand was created from a performance and technology background; in fact their motto is still "racing sunglasses" - and they're still coveted and worn by influential and VIP individuals. 

In 1986 when Carrera release their iconic Boeing line, they didn't know it would remain to this day as one of their most successful ranges. By pairing light-weight frames with anti-glare lenses, they created history. Little did they know these sunglasses would extend beyond the sports and aviation industries, and find a home in pop and fashion culture!