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The designs in the 'Exclusive by Andre Montana' range are original vintage-inspired designs by Andre Montana. Using his own extensive collection of vintage eyewear as inspiration, Andre has created gorgeous designs and pieces reminiscent of the finest 1960's to 1990's looks.

With a focus on beautiful detail, the designs range from simple to intricate, but are always striking and eye-catching. Andre's focus on exceptional quality and his exacting standards results in pieces of art, jewelry for your face. You can read more about Andre's passion for eyewear, style and vintage collections here

The resounding feedback for the original pieces is the gorgeous style, and the high quality. Cutting no corners, sparing no expense, each piece is carefully designed, executed, manufactured, and examined under the watchful, sharp eyes of their creator. Andre's passion for his designs is commendable; he lives and breathes design. 

We believe authentic style is only achieved by wearing uniquely designed, timeless items such as these. Created with superb quality down to the smallest detail, you can be assured that meticulous finishes and attention to detail are the cornerstones of the company. Quality over quantity.