The Secrets Behind The Vintage Eyewear Industry

The Secrets Behind The Vintage Eyewear Industry

vintage frames and vintage eyewear industry informationThe vintage eyewear industry has exploded in recent years, due to the rarity and the higher quality of the items. Those who love vintage items (like Vintage Eyewear!), love the quality, variety and uniqueness of items made in years gone by. We'll explain why, keep reading... 

While there are some companies producing interesting, original  designs, most eyewear companies create cookie-cutter, volume production. They seek income over everything, and have no real interest in the beauty of design, creativity or originality.

In addition, many well known companies offer lower quality mass-produced items, claiming they're higher quality, to justify their high pricing. However they are ruining their own reputation by providing shoddy quality. Very sad. 

It's all about money these days, there's no more love of eyewear, love of fashion, pride in originality. This has happened in the fashion industry also with fast fashions. Mass-produced items should be banned from fashion... 

Vintage Eyewear believes we can create stunning and interesting designs, without overcharging or selling low quality volume. The eyewear industry needs more dreamers, people who truly love eyewear. These are the only people who should be touching these things. 

Vintage eyewear is beautiful and in demand because it is original, interesting, and made with high quality materials and manufacturing techniques. Things that have all but disappeared in today's market. To paraphrase today's youth "when eyewear used to be good".

The proof that vintage frames are of superior quality is that they are standing the test of time, as opposed to later modern models, most of which don't last. Logos fall off, cheap metal tarnishes with low quality 'gold-plating', research and development for original designs is minimal - it's a shame to the industry.

Quality should never have been compromised for customers, in any industry. In the chase for the almighty dollar, too many corners have been cut. It's like giving a child candy, then replacing it with sugar-coated cardboard. The silver lining of this trend of declining quality, is that new, innovative companies are starting to create original work, to satisfy the demands of a bored public. 

When we create high quality pieces, without charging the earth for them, we allow people to experience the difference, and to appreciate vintage quality. And that's our goal. Our dream is to make it possible for everyone to afford and own a unique pair of beautiful eyewear, of the quality we used to enjoy. 

The expensive items that Vintage Eyewear sells are expensive for a genuine reason, not to simply bloat the price. When you purchase a Vintage Eyewear item, you purchase an investment. Your purchase history and nobility.