Marcel Rochas was one of the most progessive and innovative fashion designers of the 20th century. The French designer launched his eponymous fashion house in 1925, where he introduced a wide selection of groundbreaking designs. Rochas had the ability to cater to the needs of modern women while embracing traditional silhouettes. It was Rochas who first designed the mermaid dress, midi-length coats, and skirts with pockets.

 Rochas is a brand that has always been synonymous with innovation and ambition. It was one of the first luxury labels to introduce an eyewear range, with frames dating back to the 1930s. Vintage Rochas sunglasses were all crafted in French factories, using fine materials with silver and gold plated frames.

 Rochas frames exude sophistication, with luxurious details and embellishments. The glamorous designs are favoured by celebrities and trendsetters all over the world, especially within the hip hop community. A pair of Rochas frames will instantly become the standout point of any outfit, making you the most stylish person in the vicinity.

 Vintage Rochas sunglasses are must-haves for any collector or fashion enthusiast. The exclusive designs are rare and highly covetable finds within the vintage eyewear community. Be sure to get your hands on a pair of vintage Rochas frames today!