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About the Vintage Eyewear collection and frames company

Vintage Eyewear specializes in private-collection authentic vintage eyewear, and unique vintage-inspired new designs. The creation of Andre Montana, high quality and excellence are the cornerstones of the company.  


Every pair of frames available via the 'archive' section of Vintage Eyewear is a genuine collector's item, collected and carefully stored from the 70's, 80's and 90's. Find out where we source our archive of genuine vintage eyewear

Every pair of frames available via the "Andre Montana Design" section of Vintage Eyewear is a unique vintage-inspired design by Andre Montana

With full control of the production line, our quality is assured. From our Japanese and French factories to our careful packaging, your beautiful purchase is sure to make you feel like Christmas has arrived. 

We consider the pieces designed for the 'current' collections as a piece of jewellery, more than just eyewear. Using only the finest materials available worldwide, every detail on every design is carefully considered. Every collection is extremely limited, offering a unique collector's item in itself.

Personally designed by the talented French-born Andre Montana, the featured pieces are guaranteed to be superb, from concept to manufacture. We're honored to work with Andre, knowing his exacting standards produce the quality for which Vintage Eyewear is renowned.


Vintage Eyewear company operates with an attitude of nobless oblige. Sharing success is a great part of the pleasure of the company. Children's welfare and education is of great importance to Andre. Having been given little assistance in his childhood, he likes the company to contribute where possible, to give others chances he never had. 

For every sale, the company commits a percentage to the Bloom Charity organization, which supports the development, education and mental health of children living in Moroccan orphanages. Based in USA, they have Moroccan roots. Andre’s energy resonates deeply with this organization, as he has fond childhood memories of Moroccan summers, and knows the large amount of assistance required on this field. 


 About Vintage Eyewear and Andre Montana designs