When you hear the name 'Hilton', what comes to mind for you? Paris? The hotel chain? If that's your limit, then you're in for a vintage sunglasses revelation! A vintage eyewear brand called Hilton was created in the late 80s by an optical distributor in London. Two young entrepreneurs got together and started promoting their eyewear collection throughout the world - and Hilton Eyewear was born. They grew organically into a well known brand, now coveted all over the globe.

Classic Hilton eyewear frames and sunglasses were produced in the same UK factories as other designer eyewear such as Savile Row, and in Cadore, Italy, which is well known for producing some of the highest quality eyewear. With fine detailing aplenty, and 20-24kt gold plating, the Vintage Hilton frames now have a devoted cult following in the society of vintage frames. Vintage Hilton sunglasses have been sighted on many A-list celebrities, including Migos, 2Chainz, Usher and Kylie Jenner.

The exclusives collection by Hilton Eyewear offers the luxurious gold plated look, with loads of extra design detail to add a glamorous feel. No wonder so many celebrities and style fashion icons love them. So much that they have snapped them all up, leaving very few of these frames in top condition available in the world! Given the limited amount of good-condition Hilton frames available, it's best to purchase what you find asap. The Hilton stock will soon be all gone, and only rare pieces will be available in consignment shops and discovered by accident in forgotten drawers.

Don't delay your purchase, the brand won't be around much longer, and they're a must-have for any serious collector or fashion enthusiast, who knows about vintage eyewear. As a style and vintage aficionado, you'll definitely want some Hilton stock in your collection.

Most of the Hilton eyewear range were created as glasses frames exclusively. However Vintage Eyewear creates gorgeous custom lenses in our lab, to create a bespoke look just for you. You can own a one-of-a-kind Hilton vintage sunglasses frame, and create a unique look with your wardrobe. Style icons and luxury fashionistas will love wearing a striking Hilton frame that can't be found anywhere else. To add the Hilton legend to your collection, customise the beautiful Hilton frames with our custom lens color and style today, for men and women.

Most popular frame : Hilton class 10