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Since 1980, Alpina brand has focused on developing uncompromising protection and advanced technologies for the sporty lifestyle. Design and lifestyle trends are always a priority. Having partnered with fashion designers, product experts and professional athletes to manufacture the finest equipment for safety, comfort and innovative fashion. 



Still a very current brand, Alpina's eyewear range covers a wide variety - sportswear, lifestyle, children's, glacier (for high altitude) and regular optical glasses. All their products feature high quality lenses, and well-functioning technology. Whatever is required, Alpina is sure to have a pair of glasses to suit any season. 

To touch on glacier glasses, these specialty glasses have been made by sporting goods companies since the late 19th century. Brands such as Julbo, Vuarnet, Bolle, Oakley, and Alpina have long specialized in high quality glacier eyewear. Becoming more and more sophisticated over the years, with finer technology, the glasses now screen the sun's reflective rays better than ever. While goggles are an option, glacier glasses are a classic, retro choice for sports enthusiasts. Therefore must be mentioned on a vintage eyewear site! 

Including sportswear in general and fashionable eyewear, a current highlight of the Alpina range is the Granby snow goggles, which feature a stylish rimless design. With a spherical "QuattroVarioflex" multi-mirror lens, they automatically adjust to the current lighting conditions with a non-slip fit & a wide non-fogging field of vision. The Pheos snow googles are also equipped with the QuattroVarioflex multi-mirror lens, and the Twist Four model is particularly popular with biking enthusiasts.

Like any decent company, Vintage Eyewear included, the Alpina company never rests, and is never satisfied with what they have thus far achieved. Listening carefully to customers with a finger on the industry pulse, a good eyewear company will ensure they remain in the know about new trends & demands early. Being open to change and innovation are also important drivers for a profitable future, something Alpina certainly believes in, according to Managing Director of Aplina Sports GmbH, Falk Pewestorf.  


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