Bentley Eyewear

The Bentley Eyewear Collection is intended to be a reflection of the luxury of the brand. Each piece is skillfully hand crafted from superb materials to create pieces as revered as the custom car itself. Solid gold & platinum, titanium, horn and wood. While Bentley obviously doesn't mind using animal products in its creations, the eyewear is created with the design team to be informal, comfortable and contemporary.

However what was contemporary decades ago, is no longer contemporary today, providing the world with vintage frames for our hobby time. As a testament to the brand's heritage and pedigree, the Bentley brand of eyewear is a representation of its spirit. Every Bentley Eyewear collection has an interesting story - a rasion détre - which concretes the credibility and prestige of the products. 


It wasn't until 2010 that Bentley Motors and Estede started their collaboration, creating a limited edition series of solid gold frames (fashion and optical). The collaboration benefited from Estede's extensive experience in creating high-end eyewear, and Bentley's sophisticated design language. 

Delivering only the finest lenses in these flawless frames, the wearer enjoys 100% UV protection and the latest in lens technology and coatings. All sunglasses and frames are custom made to order, individually numbered and strictly limited editions (100 pieces per color.)

18 ct gold or platinum, the pieces from the first collection are the epitome of luxury eyewear. Bentley's iconic 'B' logo is set in hand-polished enamel coating, with engraved surfaces and sumptuous leather quilting. Exclusive branded packaging completes the luxury image, remarkable bespoke craftsmanship and expertise. Bentley-Estede accessories are a level above the average. 


Vintage Eyewear