Vintage Authenticity

Commodore Aviator, Vintage sunglasses frames gold

How To Authenticate Vintage Sunglasses

There's little information available online in terms of verifying vintage eyewear. There are articles about how to tell a fake from real, tell the replica from the genuine designer sunglasses etc. But nothing to guide people on selecting genuine vintage sunglasses (i.e., pre-90's).

It is wise, in today's society, to verify the authenticity of your vintage sunglasses and vintage frames. There are too many underhanded people trying to pass off replicas as genuine vintage eyewear frames. How do you know your sunglasses are authentic? How do you spot fake sunglasses or replica copies vs genuine designer sunglasses frames?

Vintage Eyewear has decades-long experience in vintage frames collection, with a vast knowledge of every brand's markings and signs of authenticity. We 100% guarantee the authenticity of our frames and eyewear, and strive to deliver only the very highest quality too.

We may come across a collection of vintage frames, but if they aren't in good condition, we don't purchase them. This selection process is what sets us apart from many other vintage sunglasses collectors and retailers. We are extremely selective. 

Having this much experience with a broad range of vintage designer sunglasses frames has made us masters of differentiating genuine, authentic vintage from replicas. With contacts all over the world and access to all historian-known verification points, you can be assured of 100% genuine frames. If we had replicas, we'd have thousands of each style available! True authentic vintage frames are limited.

We have traveled the world for over 20 years collecting frames, handling frames, getting to know the real pieces. Many current designer brand employees weren't around when their vintage items were sold, so they can't tell the difference. We can. 

** If you'd like us to authenticate your vintage sunglasses, please contact us to send them for inspection. We are passionate about authenticity, and want you to feel comfortable that the quality you purchase is the quality you receive.