From Where Do We Source Our Sunglasses and Eyewear Frames?

from where do we source vintage eyewear find retro sunglasses frames

Many people will wonder how we are able to continually offer thousands of brands from decades ago, mostly in brand new condition. Where do we find our vintage sunglasses and vintage eyewear frames, to present in our 'archive' section? 

For professional vintage collectors like us, who are in love with vintage eyewear, half the fun is discovering new stock! We are continually flying around the world, attending eyewear fairs and trade shows, making contacts with other collectors. These old distributors and often old manufacturers have left over, untouched stock available for serious collectors. Only a serious collector would put that much time and money into finding their beloved vintage designs. 

Discoveries by online research and via word of mouth is another way we discover collections of vintage eyewear just sitting stored somewhere, waiting for a new home. Once we have made contact with the owner, we will usually fly to their location to assess the collection, and if they are genuine and in excellent condition, we will acquire the whole collection. Sometimes there are only a few limited glasses available. Sometimes we're lucky and find a shop full of hibernating rarities. 

We check all the background information and examine the glasses closely, to ensure the glasses are genuine vintage. As long time vintage glasses collectors, we know very well the authentic brands, and are expert at knowing genuine vintage sunglasses from replica frames and fake copies. 

Some special and rare frames will be purchased, regardless of their condition. All vintage sunglasses frames we purchase are always given a careful and thorough assessment, being refurbished as needed. Often as they lay entombed in their boxes for decades, they are in need of refreshment. Our talented, experienced technician cleans, realigns, and repairs as needed, and the lens you select is created and installed, giving you the perfect bespoke result. Custom creations are our specialty. 

Once a pair or set of glasses is ready to be available on the website, we need to photograph them beautifully. Our highly skilled photographer takes days to prepare the perfect scenes and angles, to produce a beautiful, clear view for you to consider. The 360° images are shot by our other accomplished photographer, who knows just the right angles and lighting, to produce a fantastic resource for you to use. 

For those of us who truly love vintage eyewear, none of this is a sacrifice. On the contrary, it's a great pleasure to discover, prepare, present and personalize your ideal vintage frames and collector sunglasses, since vintage eyewear is our greatest passion.