What are Flash Lenses?

What are Flash Lenses?

Your Guide To Flash Lenses: The Latest Must-Have Eyewear Trend

Flash lenses are one of the biggest trends in the eyewear world right now. Distinguished by their unique two-tone colour, flash lenses have the power to enhance any outfit. The stunning colours are a visual delight that can evoke the feeling of a sunrise, an elegant cocktail, or even parts of a rainbow. Learn all about flash lenses in our efficient guide below! 

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What Are Flash Lenses?

So, how do the beautiful colours of a flash lens come to life? The technology behind flash lenses begins with a single clear or coloured lens, which is then given a mirror treatment that creates the two-tone appearance. The secondary colour will only appear in certain lighting or at select angles. At the right angle and light level, the colours can appear simultaneously.


blue flash lenses with gradient tinting for vintage frames sunglasses

This eye-catching style was made for the trendsetters of the world. Flash lenses have been spotted on everyone from top Instagram influencers to stylish celebrities like Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, Quavo of Migos, and Will Smith.


Flash Lenses vs Mirrored Lenses

You may be wondering if flash lenses are the same as mirrored lenses. These two fashion-forward styles are easy to mix up. Both have bold colours that are made more prominent under the right angle.


A flash lens provides a quick pop of colour that is generally more subtle than a mirrored lens. Quavo’s semi-transparent golden vintage Bugatti 508 frames are the perfect example.


Migos Quavo with flash lenses vintage sunglasses frames

As their name suggests, mirrored lenses offer a stronger reflection. The lenses are given a thick mirror coating that results in an opaque appearance. Eyes will be completely shielded behind mirrored lenses.

Mirror lenses on celebrity's

Try Flash Lenses Today

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