58 - Translucent, Green Flash - Curve: 0

or 4 installments of $17.50 USD by Klarna

The translucent lens has no tine, being completely clear. The green flash is an overlay to flash an emerald green tone at certain angles as you move. The lighter the tint, the lighter the flash, giving this lens a subtle, tasteful look. Just enough flash to be appealing, yet understated. This particular lens is available in 0 base curve, meaning the lens is entirely flat. To find out more about base curve, click here

All Vintage Eyewear lenses are manufactured to be of the highest quality, and are exclusive to Vintage Eyewear. We custom design every single color for our customers. The lenses are CR-39 polycarbonate. 100% UVA & UVB protective coating offers you sun protection while wearing vintage eyewear lenses in sunglasses. 

You can purchase extra lenses to create different looks with any frame. Your local optometrist will be able to fit the lenses to any frames.


Lenses are obviously fragile, so please keep them in the packaging in which you receive them. Store your lenses in a clean dry place, at a temperature between 10°-20° C (14°-95° F).

To clean and care for lenses, do not use abrasive cloths or tissues. Do not use abrasive product. Avoid all types of solvents or alcohol-based liquids. Do not use dirty cloths, all of which could damage the lens and its surface.

Use only approved, professional lens cleaning products and clean, soft cloth. Use authentic accessories and spare parts, sourced from Vintage Eyewear.