Top 10 Most Expensive Fashion Eyewear In The World 2020

Top 10 Most Expensive Fashion Eyewear In The World 2020

In the aftermath of COVID-19, online shopping and fashion are still in high demand. Particularly high end items; collectors are not done collecting, and the wealthy are not done buying. With zoom and other online chatting formats, beauty and fashion are not dead!

So which sunglasses are in high demand by the wealthy as the most expensive and exclusive on 2020? Surprisingly, they cost more than a Ferrari FF... The most expensive at the top of the list, Chopard sunglasses, are priced US$400,000.

Why so expensive? The creator, De Rigo, uses a special technique to lay out the diamonds so close together, the effect of the reflection is a thing of incredible brilliance. It has certainly impressed enough big names, and are worn by Elton John, Tom Jones and Gwyneth Paltrow. For a complete list of the most expensive sunglasses for 2020, the list is below. 

  1. Chopard Sunglasses – US$400,000
  2. Dolce and Gabbana DG2027B sunglasses – US$383,000
  3. Shiels Emerald Sunglasses – US$200,000
  4. Cartier Panthere Glasses – US$159,000
  5. Luxuriator Canary Diamond Glasses – US$65,000
  6. Bvlgari Flora Sunglasses – US$59,000
  7. Gold and Wood 253 Diamond Glasses – US$55,000
  8. Gold & Wood 119 Diamond Glasses – US$30,000
  9. Lugano Diamonds Sunglasses – US$27,000
  10. Cartier Paris 18k Gold Sunglasses – US$25,000


Sunglasses are a fashion staple, adding a stylish and glamorous look to your image. They are also beneficial in terms of eye protection from sun damage and UV rays. In fact the very first sunglasses, and many vintage pieces, were created for the sole purpose of eye protection.

According to ScienceABC, the degree of damage that one’s eyes are exposed to, is directly proportional to the amount of exposure one has to the potentially harmful rays of the sun. So too do they protect from some dust particles, and general atmospheric debris, as well as reducing eye strain from bright environments. 

Wearing sunglasses also can minimize problems with dry eyes, and of course protects from the UV (ultra violet) rays of the sun and burning. Finally, if dark enough lenses are used, sunglasses can also be anti-ageing, as one squints, frowns, and creases the eyes a lot less while wearing light-protective sunglasses. 

Not to mention the fashion effect. Nothing looks more cool and collected than a good pair of sunglasses as part of an outfit. You can look like a chic superstar and display your individual elegant style with confidence. 

While the sunglasses industry is growing at a rapid rate, vintage eyewear is in high demand also. The global eyewear market was worth USD $115.90 billion in 2018, and is projected to reach USD $178.95 billion by 2026, according to Fortune Business Insights. Vintage sunglasses and frames will constitute a good percentage of those sales. 

Some of the more popular brands selling a significant amount of sunglasses include Michael Kors, Cartier, Chanel, Versace, De Rigo, Alexander McQueen, among others. Education surrounding the effects of UV rays on the eyes is important, to continue to encourage people to seek protection. Hopefully of the highest quality, which boosts sales and profits for these vendors. 

Given how essential sunglasses are in terms of protection, and how fabulously they can finish off an outfit and look, investing in beautiful eyewear is worth every penny. While most of our pockets aren't deep enough for the list below, or some of the more high end, expensive vintage designs, it's nice to daydream... 



  #10 - Cartier - USD$25,000

While most sunglasses are manufactured of metal/ titanium, or plastic/ acetate, this luscious beauty is made of pure gold, explaining the $25,000 price tag. While you may take a luxury vacation or even buy a small car for this price, if you prefer to flash your wealth, these Cartier frames may be for you.

Apart from the gold here are 188 diamonds, around the frames which equal around 7.5 carats. The vintage-style black frames are reminiscent of the 80's fashion style. Strictly for the most serious fashion devotees. Look like a superstar, and flaunt your elegant style in one of these masterpiece sunglasses. 

Cartier Paris 18k gold most expensive sunglasses accessories





#9 Lugano USD$27,000

These gorgeous sunglasses with the gold frame and pink lenses have matching pink diamonds - 2.85 carats worth. The leopard-print version with yellow and black diamonds offers 3.59 carats! What makes them worth $27,000?

They are a custom design, for a start. Custom design always takes far more time and ingenuity. The unparalleled quality of the ideal-cut diamonds and one of a kind craftsmanship sets them apart from the average - far apart. 

Lugano Diamonds goes to great effort to acquire the largest, rarest and most unique stones for their superior designs. It's no wonder they have won a coveted position of respect within the international jewelry community. 

Their master designers painstakingly create pieces with great precision and skill, to ensure their pieces are beyond special and incomparable. It's no wonder Lugano sunglasses are valued for far more than their usefulness as a pair of shades.

Lugano Diamond sunglasses, expensive sunglasses shades



  #8 Gold & Wood USD$30,000

These Gold & Wood sunglasses' simple design may have you asking 'what makes these so special to be an expensive collector's item?!' Initially, the creator has used what are called 'noble materials' (very high quality), including precious timber and carbon fibers. Each piece has an interesting history and tells a tale, which their new custodian can possess and recount to others. 

Gold & Wood frames emulate an unique authenticity with their very independent style. The company uses 12 different species of valuable wood, and inlays silk in the wood surface. Carbon fiber and solid horn (vegans steer clear) are also incorporated to make each piece of eyewear unique and original. Finally, the 119 diamonds make the sunglasses a cherished piece of jewelry.

Gold & Wood simple elegance, diamond timber sunglasses most expensive



  #7 Gold & Wood USD$55,000

Amazingly, the incredible designers at Gold & Wood of Paris take a second position in our list of the top 10 most expensive sunglasses available in 2020. Renowned for their quality eyeglasses and sunglasses, this company's 'Prestige' design takes #7 place.

Offering a diamond-studded bridge and temple hinges, its solid platinum features and hand-shaped horn temple stems are breathtaking. These master craftsmen have created the exquisite platinum and horn frame with the utmost skill and attention. At $55,000, you can be assured of exceptional quality.

If these are out of your price range, the Gold & Wood company, like Andre Montana, create many other options, all high quality. Materials they use include carbon fiber, wood, and titanium. Their styles can include retro & vintage inspired, modern, glamorous, monochrome, oversize, sports, partial rim, and rimless frames, to allow you to express your unique style - in style.

 Gold & Wood luxurious, expensive $55,000 sunglasses



  #6 Bvlgari USD$59,000

There are several styles of 'Flora' sunglasses from Bvlgari. One features 18-carat white gold, with diamonds and blue sapphires around the temples of the sunglasses embraced by small aquamarine accents.

One features smaller jeweled accents on black acetate with a gold brow feature (pictured). The gemstones of diamonds and sapphires contribute to the astounding price tag of $59,000 on the Bvlgari Flora sunglasses. The plain version of the glasses are more than half the cost, due to less gemstones being used. 

The luxury Italian brand Bulgari (spelled Bvlgari) manufactures luxury attire, accessories and jewelry, marketing product lines that include fragrances, accessories, watches, jewelry, even hotels. The eyewear branch is partially owned by Luxottica, a massive eyewear company in Milan, who have all but taken over the manufacture of eyewear. 

The company has more than 300 stores worldwide to date, all located in premium high end real estate locations. There's a 10-storey Bvlgari store in the Ginza Tower in Tokyo, Japan. The store includes a lounge bar and restaurant for shoppers. 



 Bvlgari Flora sunglasses $59,000 expensive Bulgari brand eyewear jewels frames


  #5 Luxuriator USD$65,000

 Franco Inc., the Italian designer now located in Los Angeles, actually began his USA career making handbags, phone cases and luggage with crocodile leather. One day he had an idea to create sunglasses also, and the rest is history. He created Luxuriator collection in 2004. 

The luxury diamond sunglasses are hand-crafted with pave or micro-pave diamonds, set in gun metal gold, rose, yellow or white frames. Franco also offers enamel and hand-engraved versions. All temples are constructed exotic leathers and solid buffalo horn (vegans and animal lovers beware!) High quality optics complete the style. Franco says 'comfort isn't compromised by luxurious design'. 

The exclusive piece comes in two styles; the 'Uno' which offers a single bridge of diamonds, and the 'Duo', with an double bridge of diamonds. You may choose your preferred lens shape & color, and even add your own prescription. Coatings can include anti-reflection, mirror flash, polarization and photochramatic coating. 

Luxuriator diamond expensive sunglasses.



#4 Cartier Panthere Points USD$159,000

The house of Cartier (meaning 'suburb'!), is renowned for its superb jewelry, accessories and watches. Founded in 1847 in Paris, there is no question as to their validity and high quality reputation.

Their Cartier Panthere series obviously named for their decorative panther additions, are special edition. While some of the less glamorous versions are affordable, the crouching tiger on this particular pair makes them very unique.

Manufactured of 18k white gold, it sports 561 cut diamonds, and 645 blue sapphires. Favoured by celebrities and royalty, the Cartier exclusive Panthere glasses are definitely one of the most expensive and beautiful in the world. 

 Cartier Panthere Series, most expensive sunglasses $159,000



  #3 Shiels USD$200,000

Australia is not only home to koalas, kangaroos and Vegemite. Australia is the base of Jewelry company Shiels. Taking five years to source the most unique emeralds, and three months to polish and cut them, the Shiels Emerald sunglasses were born.

The company's managing director stated that the inspiration for the highly unique piece was the Roman Emperor, Nero. As history has it, the eccentric Emperor not only lived in a home which turned to capture the sun as it moved, he also used to view gladiator fights though the green gemstones. This neutralized the red color of blood, making it less sickening. 

As soon as this item was made available for sale in 2011, of course several superstar celebrities showed interest. With a handful of sales, it's not a bad year's income! Sadly this is the best shot we can get, not too many people flashing their $200,000 shades around online.


 Shiels Emerald sunglasses, most expensive frames $200,000 glasses



  #2 Dolce & Gabbana USD$383,000

The stylish and unmistakable Arise Collective  DG2027B sunglasses are made with the finest materials and superior craftsmanship. The frame is made from a classic metal, the temple arms are acetate, branded with the D&G name in diamonds, whilst the lenses are made of durable and high grade glass in a brown shade, with UV protection. Priced at USD$383,000, it's no wonder they're a celebrity must-have.

The luxury design house of D&G was founded in 1985. With VIPs and celebrities willing to set down millions of dollars for their extravagant, attention-grabbing, and sometimes gaudy designs. D&G have certainly established themselves as unique. These are quite tasteful, however. Each to their own; one cannot deny the style of Dolce & Gabbana label.   

Dolce & Gabbana D&G sunglasses, most expensive diamond $383,000 fashion frames



  #1 Chopard USD$400,000

Renowned sunglasses designer De Rigo created this masterpiece for the noted Swiss jewelery house Chopard. First showcased in May 2012 in Dubai, they certainly made an impact. The feature of this design is the specialized technique in which the diamonds were placed; closely together, closer than a classic pave setting, which is very close indeed.

This creates a kind of encrusted carpet effect out of the brilliant stones, which creates an extraordinary sparkle. It's popular 'C' logo is engraved on the frames' temples. Chopard is a well-established brand and its quality has attracted the likes of Elton John, Gwyneth Paltrow and many other high profile individuals. 

You can buy a modest house, or purchase these stunning USD$400,000 sunglasses. This price tag makes them the most expensive sunglasses in the world to date. What a fashion statement to make, arriving in these...

Chopard brand $400,000 sunglasses, most expensive frames, fashion glasses